A day in the life - Mike Giant

8am – I woke up, showered and threw on some sweats. Walked next door to the studio and checked my email. Then I went back to my apartment, did some yoga and a little meditation practice, then dressed for the day.

9am – I had breakfast at the Lafayette Coffee Shop, my usual spot. I had two scrambled eggs with potatoes and two pancakes and washed it all down with a hot tea. After breakfast I walked around my neighborhood for a while. I walked around the Fashion District looking in shop windows and checking out girls. I go for a long walk almost every morning.

10am – I got back to the studio and got right to work on some drawings. I sketched some graffiti for while, but nothing was clicking so I worked on some fonts for REBEL8.

11am – Checked my email again then got back to the drawings. Around 11:30am I stopped drawing, packed my ReLoad bag with supplies for the afternoon’s adventures and left the studio on my Macaframa/Raleigh track bike.

Noon – Arrived at a wall on Caledonia Alley and sketched out a new piece over an old one. It had been running for over a year and had picked up some scribbles from the toys so I wanted to get a new piece up. I freestyled the outline and used All-City and Montana cans. Once the basic black fill-in was done, my buddy Sean (who took all the photos) walked up the street to Pancho Villa to get us some lunch.

1pm – I had my usual veggie burrito and horchata combo. Sean had a taco I think.

2pm – Spray, spray, spray.

3pm – Finished the piece off with a little “Fuck Plazma”, took a photo, packed up my stuff and rode over to the REBEL8 warehouse.

4pm – Met with Joshy and the creative staff for a “4:20 Safety Meeting”. Then he had me sign a bunch of posters, we talked about graphic ideas and he told me about the business moves he was making. After about 45 minutes at the warehouse I packed up my shit, said goodbye to everyone and rode my bike to the Potrero Skatepark.

5pm – Rode my Dogtown Pig in the bowl for around 30 minutes. I like to hit this bowl a few times a week. It’s still an incredible thrill. I got in some grinds and rock’n’rolls without eating shit. I wear a helmet and wristguards just in case I do hit the concrete. From there I packed up and rode my bike through the Mission back to my studio where I got set up to tattoo Joshy.

6pm – Joshy arrived, we talked about what he wanted to get tattooed, I drew it up, made a stencil by hand and put it on him. I’ve been tattooing him more than anybody for the last year or so. And he still wants more!

7pm – Finished Joshy’s tattoo without too much difficulty and we kicked it for a while.

9pm – Three pizzas deep at Club Deluxe with Pakayla. A guy named Giovanni makes the pizzas by hand. It’s my favorite pizza in the whole world. I’m particularly fond of the “Moe Green Special” and the “Boscaiola”. We killed the pies, I said goodbye to everyone and rode my bike back home to take it easy. 

10pm – Got home and watched a dvd called “Noi” about an albino dude from Iceland. It was pretty fresh. I ate some graham crackers, way too many actually. I washed them down with a cup of herbal tea infused with some sativa honey that took a lot of the soreness in my body away. Active days like this one can really take it out of my nearly 40 year old body.

11pm – Finished the movie around 11:30pm, got ready for bed and passed the fuck out!
Living the REBEL8 life…

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